Well what to tell…..

Pretty much I believe that life is short and all I really want to do is explore and visit as many places as I can and capture those experiences. I love timelapse and finding ways to be more creative within it. I do like to tell a good story and love Documentary film making.

As for my background, I do have a degree. I have a BFA in Radio and Television Production from the Dan Rather school of communications/Sam Houston State University. I will say that degree doesn’t do much considering most of what I learned has come since earning that degree which I suspect is the case for most people. What I did get from school was a solid foundation that I continue to build upon.

So this is me, feel free to ask any questions about me or any of my work if you like. And of course if any of what I do is something you are in the market for than please by all means drop me a line cause I would love to WORK for YOU!

-Chris Multop